Some books lend themselves beautifully to the age old tradition of storytelling...a process whereby a narrator "performs" the story for us. Here's a few titles that are delight to listen to. Please feel free to post samples of your own.

The guru of the Irish historical, Morgan Llywelyn, once again provides us with us with a rich plot set in the time of the Irish rebellion in the early 1900's. Although the historical events could potentially be confusing to those unfamiliar with the background of the Irish struggle for independence, Ms. Llywelyn not only establishes a logical background for the story, but also creates an array of fictional characters so tangible that they seem a natural part of the historical landscape.

The narration on the audiobook is superb and delivered with the skill of the ancient Irish "seanachies" (storytellers). Fiction is woven with fact so adeptly that the listener is tempted to regard the creative elements of the story as a chronicle of actual events.

If you like historical fiction, then 1916 is a MUST for you.
RATING :  5 Stars